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      My question is on drill bits. I keep breaking my bits when trying to make the pivot polishers as shown in your learning to turn video. Is there some sort of clutching mechanism that I should use for this? I drilled my last one by holding the bit in a pin vise. I still managed to break one bit though. Thanks ahead of time.

      Howard DeHart


        Hi Howard
        That’s a very good question!
        The trick for drilling brass is to use a drill with a low rake angle. Otherwise a sharp twist drill will tend to grab the soft brass and can snap the drill. Some brasses drill better than others though.
        Changing the rake angle on a twist drill by hand isn’t easy for me but if you dull the cutting edge a little that will work wonders and that’s really easy to do. Here’s a link to an article showing a simple technique to grind the tip.
        Another option is to make a spade drill.


        Hope it helps Howard!


          Thank you very much Dean. That is good information. I’m using some very small drill bits, but I understand the concept.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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