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    I am testing a two-weight cuckoo clock I repaired/restored. It works fine, however, I notice that the cuckoo bird’s door pops out a bit at the warning. It can easily be pushed shut with no restriction. After striking, the door closes with tension keeping it in place. I am a beginner, and not sure what, if any, adjustment needs to be made. It has a rack and snail. My other cuckoo clock, which has a count wheel (which was worked on by someone else) does not do this at the warning. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


      Hello nan11580, Great to hear from you. Yes there is a adjustment. There is most likely (not sure of the movement you have) A cam on one of the strike train wheels that lifts a lever which in turn moves the paddle that is attached to the rod that the bird sits on….o.k. now I am confused :? ….if that cam is set up to far along and starting to lift that lever it can start to move everything that pushes the bird out…just enough to open the door a smidgen when it goes into warning….hope that makes sense….the adjustment can be made by changing the gathering pallet position though you must make certain the strike locking pin is captured by the locking lever when everything is set, may also throw off the bellow and hammer lifting wheel so that too may need adjustment. Just so you know, repair or adjustment questions can be put up on the general forum..they are much easier for us to see when a new post is up. Have fun. William


      Thanks, William. Your advice was helpful. Because I am new at repair, I had help from my clock repair class instructor. The cuckoo clock is working correctly now. Good day!

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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