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      The clock is clean and oiled. The problem is that it isn’t counting the chime correctly 1 through 12. It is repeating the same # more that once or short counting. I have found that the locking leaver is being dropped on the point of the rack for the first strike and then falls into the notch for all the rest of the steps and that is changing the count. Problem is that it is only happening on say 1-6 and then it is fine for the rest of the rack. I turned the snail 1 tooth forward and now it is landing on the point for strikes 7-13 ! I want to bend the rack tail to let the rack fall a little more or less so that the locking leaver will fall the bottom of the notch and not hit on the top, but that would seam to then just move the problem to the other end of the rack. Pivots seam tight on all of these parts. something is off on a curve or sweep that is causing it to change from one end to the other. Help please.


        Could be a one or more of several things going on. Here are a few things you can check that may help. Didn’t say what movement you have so might not apply to your clock.

        Are either the locking lever or rack dragging or making contact with any other parts in the clock? They have to be free as can be to quickly drop into place.
        Is the locking lever spring in place and applying adequate downward pressure on the lever?
        After warn occurs is the gathering pallet pin completely clear of the rack teeth when the rack falls?
        Most common problems that I see aside from worn holes, dirt and lack of or too much oil is levers being interfered with somewhere and or wheel warn and striking sequence not set up correctly.



          The movement is German 25/1-N. GM 1884288. So there is no dragging or rubbing and everything seems to be free. If I hold the locking leaver until the rack has dropped and then release it, it lands on top of the tooth again and again in the last half of the rack but not in the first 5-6 teeth. I still think that the rack tail could be bent but it might only move the problem to the other end unless it has to be exact


            Hello Dave,
            You could be right about shifting the problem somewhere else.
            A couple of thoughts. Have you checked your center arbor hole clearance? Also might check that the center arbor itself is not bent.
            If these are both okay then check that the posts the rack and lever fit onto are not loose or bent.
            Best, Phil

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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