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      I have a trouble shooting question? I am working on 2005(romance) German cuckoo clock witch has a musical aspect to it. I know the problem is in wheel with the musical. Because, chain and the wheel move back and forth like it cannot grip to anything. In fact, the weight and chain just falls to the ground when left to itself. So does any one know what the problem might be so to help trouble shout better?
      clock lover
      Mark R.


        Hey Mark, classic case of broken click or click spring, I recently fixed one that lost its tension and the click would not engage, among other issues without it in my hands this is what I would determine, if on any type of chain wheel the weights just drop then usually that would be the case (not always). you can tear down a ratchet wheel and put in new parts or make them, there are alot of different styles though so I cannot advise on exactly how to go about it. Being a newer clock it is possible you could buy the whole chain wheel. Hope this helps, Have a great day, William
        P.S. I almost missed your post, for the future when you have a question, please put it in the “General” area and it will be more visible for others to respond quickly, Paul, since you are the best moderator ever and my favorite…… besides Bob, can you put this into the general discussion area? What would we do without you ;)


          Hi Mark,
          I have moved your question to the general discussion forum, the “Hints and Tips” section is for passing on general help and ideas. Your question will also get more attention on the general forum as I think a lot of members forget the other sections are there. Thanks William :)


            Thank you very much for the Super Quick response and getting me in the right area. I will post in the General going forward!! This is a great place and I appreciate your help and support!! I will let you know how the repair goes.

            Denise R

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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