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      I recently tore down one of my cookoo clocks for repair and upon tear down I seen that I needed new bellows. Does anyone here know where I can purchase these items and if so, how do I know the ordering Size? Or is their a standard type to pull me through? Also this same said clock needs weights, How do you know what weight suits the clock that you have? This is a small clock so I would imagine smaller weights will suffice. But before I go hog wild and just buy anything I’d like to spend as little as possible. I’ve seen them on eBay in various shapes and sizes but I want the right ones on my 1st purchase. Oh, this same said clock needs new hands and a pendulum also which I would like to know the proper size or info on how to size them up on my own. once I know how to figure these issues out that will be one less thing I will have to bug you all about. :) I brought this clock at a yard sale, as-is. No weights, blown bellows, broken hands and no weights only for a couple of bucks. Just to tear to tear into. For a learning tool. :) In advance, Thank you all :) Ed.
      P.S. The chains and everything else is there and in tact.


        Hey Ed, search the forum for previous posts on some of your questions, also for a list of suppliers, look thru their selections and descriptions, that may help, when you find suppliers ask them for a catalog, get a cataloger from as many suppliers that you can, usually they are free for the asking. I dont buy pre-made bellow tops unless they are missing, I replace the bellow material, kind of tricky but alot cheaper. cant determine the weight size without knowing the type of clock movement you have. do you have any books on clock repair? Oh and by the way, your not bugging anyone here. William

        bernie weishapl

          First question I would have is what is the movement? Regula, Herr, etc. Ed check out Timesavers, Ronells, Black Forest Imports, PM Clock company, Mile High clock supply, Merritts, or R & M Imports. They all should have what you need. Measure the length and width then look for what you need. I buy parts from all but mainly use Ronell, Timesavers and Black Forest Imports. Black Forest Imports carry parts and movements for the modern clocks. They have a boat load of parts for cuckcoos and cuckcoo music boxes. Check here. http://www.blackforestimports.com/AdvancedWebPage.aspx?CategoryText1=Parts%20%26%20Accessories%20-%20Cuckoo%20Clocks&CategoryText2=Bellows%20%26%20Bellow%20Tops&SBCatPage=&FromPage=

          You’re cuckcoo clock if it is a one day the weights it will take will either be 275 gram or 320 gram. Newer takes the 320 gram. http://www.blackforestimports.com/advancedwebpage.aspx?cg=525&cd=3&SBCatPage=&TiledLayout=True

          Hands here. http://www.blackforestimports.com/AdvancedWebPage.aspx?CategoryText1=Parts%20%26%20Accessories%20-%20Cuckoo%20Clocks&CategoryText2=Hands%20%26%20Hand%20nuts%20-%20Cuckoo&SBCatPage=&FromPage=

          Check them out. I buy 90 % of my cuckcoo parts and movements from BFI. Hope this helps Ed.


            Thanks guys. Will do. I have registered with Black Forest and am now awaiting feedback from them, I also ask them to send me a catalog. Again thanks. :)


              @ewinrow wrote:

              Thanks guys. Will do. I have registered with Black Forest and am now awaiting feedback from them, I also ask them to send me a catalog. Again thanks. :)

              After careful review of old form questions about cookoo clocks, their were only about 5 that I seen all of which really didn’t offer me much. Never the less I did find other interesting questions that may have pertained to other issues I have encountered or currently have. Thanks Will.


                If you go to the google search page and type in “Cuckoo Clock” hit enter and then click on images it should bring up a ton of pictures. Just scroll through them until you find pics of a clock like yours. This will help give an idea of what the weights, hands and pendulum look like, its just somewhere to start.

                Try this link – https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=cuckoo+clock&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=HqIoU4PPGIif7gaihICwCw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&bih=603

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