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    Hi all.

    For those like me who have slower computers and am having problems
    viewing Bob’s instructional videos, I found a GREAT solution.
    It’s called GOM player. It blows the windows player away !
    It’s available on –oldversion dot com. I just installed GOM20123375.
    It’s outstanding ! Brightness, contrast, hue, color, speed, etc,
    is all adjustable with a keystroke !
    It plays wmv, mp4, flv, and lots more !
    A gem and a keeper for me. Windows media player sux.

    Try it ! It’s non-invasive and has no ad-ware, spyware, etc.
    Follow the options on the install screen and choose for minimal computer.

    Again, I’m amazed ! One drawback— you hit spacebar to freeze play and
    then hit alt-prt scrn keys and opening the saved image with your fav-image
    viewer nets a blank screen. Tip– Hit alt/PntScrn and your computer’s
    present image is saved to the clipboard. Then open your pic viewer and paste.
    A very little documented feature by Gates/Microsoft.

    Hope this helps with those like me who have had problems viewing Bob’s vids.

    Bob Tascione
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    Hey thanks Clam71,
    Yeah, Windows Media Player hasn’t been a big hit for some people watching the videos. Appreciate your putting this up here.
    I’ve also heard from another member today (Alan Latz) that has improved on Media Player by using uPlayer at and found it to be very user friendly.
    So there’s a couple of solutions for those having problems viewing with Media Player.

    Thanks again Clam71,

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