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      Just curious what would be some reason why a clock runs but the Striking is not happening? I have Perivale clock and I have cleaned it, bushings are fine, I polished the pinions, When i wind the mainspring just a little, the gears all move. The clock is running fine it just is not striking at all.

      bernie weishapl

        There could be any number of reasons. The first thing I always do is with the springs still restrained while still on the test legs is to check and see if I have end shake on all wheels and see if all wheels are free. When you lift them do they drop back down freely. Then run the hands around slowly and watch to see if the arm lifts to put the clock into warning, then see if it releases, see if the warning lever drops and releases the strike. If all this goes well I am guessing to recheck the bushings because something is binding and not letting it strike. A picture of the movement would help.


          Hey Chaplin37, is that the British Anvil movement?


            It is a british movement


              As the others have stated there could be any number of reasons. Firstly make sure all of the levers are able to move freely. If any are a bit tight then that is enough to stop the clock striking. The next thing to look at is the thin wire spring that runs through the plate and makes the hammer arbor return. If this has been bent and is applying too much force to the arbor this can also cause stoppage. The little warning cam (heart shaped with a pin through it that runs on the rack) can cause things to foul up if not put back in the correct position.
              Just a few things to check through.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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