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      Hey Guys,
      This is my latest project. So what i had is the cheaper 4 pod oiler set from ebay. It has the plastic pod and the pens or needles are right behind them. Well i noticed that usually I have
      something in my right hand and need to get the needle and oil with my left. Which is impossible to do with one hand. So i watched the clock video again and noticed Bob using the flip top
      pods. So i ordered one of those sets. That solved taking the tops of the pods. But i still needed to get the oiling needle. So I took the new pods and inlaid them in to a piece of brass. Then
      i took brass ball bearings and drilled a #21 drill hole in them. That would be for a 10-32 tap if i needed it later on. I then glued the brass bearing into a recess in back of each pod. I did this with a 1/2 dia ball mill. Then glued the caps into the drilled hole. Now i can flip open the pod and pull the oiling needles out of the cap.. Works like a charm.


        Great idea!!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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