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    virginia restore

      I am looking for a used clock makers bench. Although I see them on EBAY, freight charges is a deal stopper at 165.00 additional. Does anyone know of benches for sale in the Virginia area?



        Use eBay Advance Search. Enter watchmakers workbench in the description. Then scroll down and enter your Zip Code and how far you are willing to drive. You can pick it up and all you will have is your time and fuel costs.


          I went to Lumber store, bought a folding table 3X6, Harbor Fright bought a 40 bin organizer. Find this works for me. Unless I am missing out on something.


            I went to the local Lowes and bought a 4×8 sheet of 3/4 plywood, while it was there, I had them trim off 18″, so I had a board that measured 30″ x 8ft. then I experimented with work surface height, once I found the height I liked, I added a cabinet/platform under each side and leveled it.

            Since I already had the cabinets and used the trimmed off 18″ to make the platform, the only expense I had was for the plywood.


              Hello Steve, I don’t know if this is what you want, but I made myself a desktop workstation very inexpensively. If you are interested in how I made it let me know.


                Thanks Hank, but I have a workspace in development, I am currently using it, but I am to disabled to finish it myself, so I have to wait for my son to help, and between helping me with stuff around the house that I can not do, and helping the father-in-law with things he needs, my watchmakers desk is low on the priority list, hopefully this winter I can get it completed, all I need to do it apply a formica top to it, going with a matte white finish. I was going to post up a pic using the method I talked about in a post earlier, but I still need to resize it.

                try clicking on this link


                as you can see, I have the startings of a work area, the higher surface is for watches, the lower “left” and out of frame is for clocks. You can see my Varimatic Cleaner, the ultrasonic is on a shelf waiting for a vacuum bulb. Those cabinets came from work, nice drawers, they are a little over an inch high, so they work perfect for tools, and other stuff.

                to the right is a treadmill, that if I have my way, will be gone out of my shop, so I can center my table in front of the window, but I doubt I will win that war… LOL


                  Nice workspace Steve!


                    Hey Steve, really nice set up there. great idea with the drawer units,how do you like them under the bench? I have been thinking of getting something like those for organizing but I am stuck on the idea of putting them on the bench top. William


                      thanks, it needs some more work, but for the time being, it works great

                      question, how did that work, using that link? and how many pictures are available to view? Should be only one, let me know how that worked please


                        well I should say the working height of that bench while sitting in my chair is pretty high, basically armpit high, and if I need to break out the 15x loop, I just slide the chair back and lean forward and I am at the perfect height for that loop (yes I have caught myself biting the work surface getting that close (if you have watched Steffan Pahlow’s videos you will know what I mean)).

                        So putting them on top of the desk would create space issues, as well as it would take away workspace, right now my area is a mess, I have to clear out the PC on the left, and put more shelves in so I can move stuff up off the table. You will notice I have removed on drawer, this is to allow storage of items bigger then 1″, but eventually that stuff will be moved, and the missing drawer will be replaced.

                        just reread my last post, when I am asking how that worked, I am curious about the google pictures link, it should auto resize the image for your PC, and I think it only links the picture I selected, if not you have seen all my pictures of keyless works.. LOL



                          the link works fine. I get only the picture of your workspace and when I click on it, the picture will resize to full screen, which gives lot of detail. 8-)



                            great, I like the ability to zoom into any part of the image, so I think I will use this as a method to share images from now on.


                              I just saw this post and thought I would mention this since you said you were located in Virginia. Of course I’m not sure where in Va you are so you might be quite a distance but a friend called me the other day and told m about an auction that you might be interested in. If you google “blue moon estate sales Asheville” you will find a page that lists a two day auction on November 14-15 I think. The auction is listed as cars, tools, lumber, clocks… The guy must have been into the field in a big way. I looked at it then and I think there may have been a bench there, He did list many old clocks, clock parts still in packs, tools and there was a Ford pick up from 1929 I think so you could haul it all away.
                              Charles K

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