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      i need to know ,does the hole in the spring go past the little lip in the barrel and then it comes back to catch and hold ive got a baarrle that when i put the spring in it slipps? and wont hold,i think i need a barrel for the lip was damaged the cutomer wound the spring so tight it broke the end of the spring and the lip in thee barrle? ive recut a lip and put the spring back in and it wont hold its no differant from when i started with the damaged spring its a shatz german mantle.and i cant get a barrle for it? help sincerly from watchguy55


        It sounds like the “lip” or hook does not stick into the barrel far enough, or, the spring isn’t curved properly to allow it to fit tight against the barrel. The hook should stick down into the barrel far enough for the spring to hook on it preventing it from turning or slipping. Schatz barrels are hard to come by, you might need to take the one you have to a good clockmaker and have it repaired.

        Art Fish
        Back In Time Clock Repair

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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