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      I have been working on an English Smiths clock (8 day with pendulum).  I have stripped it all down cleaned it, greased the mainsprings, checked the bushes and re-bushed one hole, which seemed to go very smoothly.  I have re-assembled and both sides of the movement seemed to be moving very freely.  So far so good!  Now I have put it on a test stand and am trying to set the pendulum to give me accurate time keeping.  However, I am finding that the clock gradually slows during the week, so on day one after fully winding I am gaining, and later in the week I am loosing.  Is this an indication of any particular problem? Could it be that the spring needs replacing? Or is it just a sign that I didn’t do as a good a job as I thought on the general maintenance?  Any help / suggestions would be much appreciated. This is my first attempt at repairing a non-functioning clock.

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