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      Good morning all,
      A customer brought me a clock this morning to look at. It has R & A on the dial and pendulum. On the back is a “Made in Korea” sticker. I have been looking for information for an hour and can find little or nothing. Thanks for any and all help.


      bernie weishapl

        Pictures would help ID your clock, movement and dial. There are a lot of clocks out there with R A on the dials and pendulums. I have one now in my shop that has a hermle movement in it that has R & A on both the dial and pendulum.


          Hey Kevin, really hard to find information on some clocks especially “newer” ones. Bernie is right about the R & A on alot of different clocks. Maybe you already know this but for someone who may not, the R = retard and the A = advance, basically slow and fast. when looking at the pendulum and the R and A have a arrow pointing to the adjusting nut for the pendulum bob. when you turn the nut to the R, for instance, it will slow the clock (retard) by lowering the pendulum bob. Now I could very well be wrong in the verbiage of R and A as I have read in other places that the English, German or possibly French words used would be different than what I have posted but I am pretty sure it all means the same. Would be interesting to find out exactly. William


            Good morning,
            Thanks Bernie and William for your responses. You guts are a constant help. Pictures to follow when i complete the job.

            Have a good day everyone.


              Sorry Guy’s’
              I don’t think your guts care. I hate typing with these hands of mine.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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