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      Hi, Everyone!
      I am new to clocks in that all I have so far is knowledge. I am getting some tools and setup with a place to work
      then I want to get started practising what I have learned.
      I took Bob’s Course on clocks and studyed John topes videos from ticktock productions and have books.
      Of course I will be rewatching these wonderful videos when I get started Iam sure.

      My Question is: When I get better and people hear that I work on clocks
      Does a person have to be certified to work on clocks or watches? Say like Certified from the AWCI or a similar place?

      Thanks, Richard


        Welcome Richard, Where about in the world are you from? William

        chris mabbott

          @Ralberto2001 wrote:

          My Question is: When I get better and people hear that I work on clocks
          Does a person have to be certified to work on clocks or watches? Say like Certified from the AWCI or a similar place?

          Thanks, Richard

          Welcome Richard, I and I’m sure we, will be looking forward to seeing your first and forthcoming projects.
          If you need any help just ask and keep in mind that to help us, to help you, photos always tell a better story 8-)

          My answer to your question is this : As far as i know, if you are working on clocks or watches that are not restricted by the manufacturers warranty, to only their certified repair people, then there is really no need.
          There is nothing wrong with certification, but the best form of certification you can have is that which comes from the lips of your VERY satisfied clients. :)

          bernie weishapl

            Richard welcome. I have been doing clocks and watches for 30 yrs now. I am not and have not been certified. My certification is a back log of clocks and watches. The key is to do top notch work. I dropped AWCI because it was of no use for me and they have lost about 2500 members in the last 5 to 8 yrs because they don’t have much for clock people. I do belong to NAWCC and they have a forum also that has been a great help. Chris is absolutely right when he says customers will be your certification. I am in a small town in NW Kansas and I get clocks from Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas City, Denver, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Lincoln, Neb., etc and I service a 100 mile radius of Goodland. I talked with William the other day and we both have the same situation. Right now I am 21 clocks behind counting the two that come in today and several watches behind.

            So with that being said I would find yourself a time only movment of ebay and learn how to take it down, repair it, clean it, oil it and reassemble it easily. Next I would do a strike clock and go thru the same thing. If you are unsure take picture as they help a lot. After 30 yrs I am still learning new things and see clocks I have never seen before. You will see the pictures of a clock I did today and I took those pictures to make sure I knew where things went. I will hush for now. Anyway learn well and have fun.


              hi everyone, thanks for your replies.
              Iam sorry I should have formerly introduced myself before asking away.
              My name is Richard’ and I am from texas. A place called Beaumont.
              I am 53 years old and I work for a nation wide medical outfit called Hill-Rom.
              I am fasinated with mechanical clocks of all kinds and would like to start
              working on clocks of all kinds. I love to see the mechanics working and hear the ticking.
              I also have a cuckoo clock I love. I love to hear it cuckoo. I cannot wait to get to know everybody on here.
              as well. I read alot of post on the forum before I finally posted!
              Everyone is so nice! Hi William I saw your interview and your shop on the front of Bob’s
              website.I would like to work on watches also after I get clocks down that is if I can hanle something that little
              later on. Well anyway not to write a book and talk to much.
              Thanks again everyone for your help, and I look forward to chatting more!

              bernie weishapl

                Again good to have you Richard. Ask away with any questions. I started in clocks and worked my way into watches after I felt comfortable with clocks. I just work on pocket watches and mostly nothing smaller than 12s. So have fun and learn well.


                  Hi Richard,
                  if you want to make things easy for yourself just start with a pendulum timepiece, i.e. no strike or chime mech. These are the simplest clocks to start with and you will learn a lot even with these. Once you feel confident you can then move on to striking clocks, just one extra train of gears and some levers. When you have these down you can then look at chiming clocks. You can of course go at it any way you want but if you get stuck into something complicated right away it can knock your confidence if you dont or cant get it working. Pick yourself up some cheap old clocks and practice, the cheaper the better, there are not many of us who completed our first clock, they tend to end up either in the spare parts draws or in the bin.


                    Thank you Bernie and Paul! Thanks Everyone!


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