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    Hello all!

    I have a Citizen chronograph watch that has one broken push button. According to Citizen, this button has been discontinued. Jules Borel didn’t have one, either.

    I would like to put in an after market replacement pusher, but I am confused as to how they are installed. Several sites list replacement buttons by their size (lenght, button width, etc) However, they are listed as friction buttons. How are these held in place? Do they come with their own collet that is pushed in the hole? Can a broken pusher be fixed?

    I’ve included a picture of the two buttons, one broken and the other not. They were held with small plastic “c” clips.

    Thanks for all the help,

    Bob Tascione
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    Hi Jimmy,
    It’s been sooo long since I’ve worked on a Citizen that I can’t remember much about how the buttons are setup. Wish I could be of help. Someone up here who works on these should have an answer. I’ve responded to this post to push it back to the top in hopes that someone who knows the answer may see it…since it’s quickly getting buried under other topics.

    Have fun all,

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    I dunno..I kinda think that if you do not have a donner watch, perhaps you could make the part with a lathe. Yes it is a very small part, but I bet it could be done from brass that you could get at a hobby shop. People (not me…yet…) make even smaller parts such as balance staffs all the time. I don’t have a lathe yet, but if I did that is what I’d try. If I had a lathe I’d try making one for ya….


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