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      I have a Sessions mantel clock made around the 1900s. The chime works fine right on time–but, yes theres always a but, the bell that dings on the 1/2 hour is off 3 minutes. Any suggestions how
      to get it reset to chime on time. Thanks Gary


        Gary, a good guess here without knowing exactly what you have…..watch the movement as you turn the hands to the 1/2 hour. Notice the center arbor with a lifting cam attached to it that lifts the levers for the top of the hour and the bell 1/2 hour strike. The center cam lifts the bell hammer lever then releases it, this is a passive strike meaning there is no function thru the train, just a lifting and dropping of the hammer for the bell. The adjustment is made on the lever that is lifted….BE VERY CAREFUL… too much bending of that lifting lever and it could break. Take a look again at Bobs videos regarding all of this…I think there is a explanation in there though I cant remember for sure.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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