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    Good morn to all. I have before me a #81cokoo clock mfg movement that runs fine after cleaning,
    but now strikes on the 2,4,7 and10, did i do something wrong or did i miss a stepe somewhere upon putting it all back together? Or might i have other issues? What might i look for to make corrections? In advance, thank you.

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    Hey Ed,
    does it only strike on those hours or is it different hours each 12 hours?
    I know what I mean, I just hope you do!

    bernie weishapl
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    You may have other problems with the rack not coming down properly or the arm that lets the rack fall not being lifted high enough for the rack to fall. Build yourself a test stand so you can watch the operation of the movement. Here are a couple I built out of scrap wood I had laying around. I hold them in a small bench vise. Then you can watch the operation happening. Sometimes when you turn the hands manually the problem won’t show up. Just happen to have them on the computer as we are on the road visiting our new great granddaughter. Yep great granddaughter.

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    Bernie- Congrats on the new GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER, WOW!!!

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