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      Hello and Greetings everyone!
      My first post in the forum. I recently enrolled in the course and I am looking forward to interacting and learning something from all the wonderful people in this forum.
      I am an avid collector of chess clocks for years now. As my collection grew I quickly realized it was essential for me to eventually have to learn the art of clock repair if I were to keep my chess clock timepieces in good working order without going bankrupt due to repeated trips to a professional service person.
      I have embarked on this journey a few months ago and the learning curve has been very steep, to say the least. I am slowly building my toolbox arsenal (I need a bigger piggy bank :) ) and I hope one day I am able to take on the challenge of cleaning and or servicing my first chess clock.
      In the meantime, I thought I’ll include some pictures of some of the specimens I have for your viewing pleasure.
      I wish everyone a great weekend ahead.
      Mounir (Chess Clocks Addict)


        Hello Mounir and welcome,
        Now those look like interesting clocks! I’ve never seen the inside of a Chess clock but would imagine they are fairly straight forward balance wheel with lever escapements?
        Beautiful clocks!
        Would like to see more if you get the chance to put some up here.
        Thanks for posting Mounir



          Hello Dan

          I hope all is well.

          My apologies for the late reply, 2020 is proving to be a very hectic and challenging year.
          Yes you are right; most of the clocks do indeed have a straight forward balance wheel with lever escapements albeit the movement’s intricacies and the size vary quite a bit from one manufacturer to the next.

          I’ll be posting more pictures soon, please stay tuned and thank you again.



            Hello Mounir,
            Always great to hear from new members. You have some beautiful timepieces. I too would like to see some pictures of the insides. I’m curious as to how both clocks stay synchronized and run at the same rate. I would think it imperative that one not run slower or faster than the other.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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