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      Well, I had restored a old 5 tube chime grandfather clock movement with the chime barrel that sits on top of the movement. It has been running in the test stand for a week and a half, This morning I came out and like I always do, I took a quick look at the weights to see if they are all about the same level. If they are not I then know that there could be a issue. Well…time weight was down several inches from the chime and strike weights….something is up. I inspected all the levers, chime barrel hammers in relation to the pin barrel ect….to see if anything had moved (this has a beveled gear that runs the chime pin barrel and can be adjusted for mesh) nothing, everything checked out though it was not running up to speed and sometimes not at all…like something was binding, this has not been the case until today….of course the customer is 2 hours away and is picking it up, he called right after I noticed this. I told him to wait another week as I wanted to make sure everything is just right…..CHECK EVERYTHING I said to myself before having a heart attack….I watched the chime train wheels and pinions as I manipulated it to run….WHAT…a big glob of something on one of the wheels..with legs sticking out from it…a fly got squished by the fly pinion and the wheel just before it….HA… thats why it is called a fly…cleaned it out and all is well. Could you imagine, just sitting there for a breather when your chair starts to spin and you get squished by a large metal pinion. Goes to show you not to sit around too long.



        How goes the new hobby? Finding anything good yet?


          Hey Steve….found 3 old cap guns from the 1950’s, a pile of metal I might get $4 for at the scrap yard and 72 cents

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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