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      Bought a size 18 (?) case on ebay a while ago. Shined up well.
      Problem is my size 18 Waltham movement falls right it !
      Pic attached.. What don’t I know ? Non-Waltham compatable ?
      Missing something ?

      Grasshopper needs instructions from the master…

      Bob Tascione

        Hi Clam71,
        If that’s an American case I would think that an 18s Waltham would fit right into the movement ring. Can you measure the inside diameter of the case swing out ring with a pair of calipers? It should be around 1.800 inches if it’s an 18s case. Also can’t tell from the picture the insignia or name on the case. Can you make it out?


          OOPS ! Me bad…. My Waltham size 18 movement arrived. Sort of….
          It was described as a size 18 but measures up as a size 16 !
          Didn’t even notice as I was thrilled to own a Riverside.
          Thanks. The case is A.W. Co. Pat.Apr.17.79 Truely OLD ! 132 years old !
          It was quite tarnished and the crystal fell out while cleaning. An old glue-job.
          I epoxied it back..not the right way to do things but it came out very well
          after trimming excess epoxy under the microscope. Ya can’t tell ! And epoxy is rock-hard.
          Ain’t gonna fall out. Hope the epoxy stays clear as it ages.
          Again, sorry for the mis-info and thanks, master from grasshopper.
          BTW, I bought cerium oxide powder to polish crystals and 1500 grit silicon carbide
          arrived yesterday. Lifetime supply— 1lb each.

          Bob Tascione

            Hey no problem Clam71!
            I’m glad to see it worked out well. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a nice 18s movement for that case. Those old swing outs are beautiful!

            Keep having FUN Clam71!



              Thanks. Am having fun. Just re-assembled the size 16 Riverside. I’m awestruck !
              Tiny bit slow but that’s for later. Gotta wait ’till the watch oil comes.
              6539938….mid 1893 !!! Geeze, the whole refurb process was less than 8 hours !
              Jewels, pivots and gear teeth all superb !

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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