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      Hi Everyone- new to the forum. A total NOVICE. I have an old A. Hirsch swiss 17 Jewel INCABLOC watch I am working on. The movement is working nicely- the case is destroyed. Face, Hands and stem are fine.
      The movement is 25.9 mm in diameter – simple circle. How do I find a new case for it? What measurements should I look for? I have the old damaged case but I am not sure where/what to measure to find a new one?
      I can measure the crystal size, and also the diameter of case?

      Thanks. Marc

      Bob Tascione

        Welcome to the forum Marc!
        I’m not sure about this one and my advice on the dimensions that a case maker or supplier might want would probably be off target. You might ask Bob at http://www.ofrei.com as he does carry some cases. I know he states that he doesn’t know what case a particular movement would need but he may be able to help if you give him certain dimensions. Again not sure. Might be someone else up here who has more experience with this??

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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