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      Hi all,,, I have just finished repairing a Seth Thomas #89, Tambour,, runs excellent,,etc, but every now and
      then, it quits striking…Upon examination I notice that the gear on the cannon pinion does not mesh with the
      3rd? wheel on the strike side,,etc,, due to too much end shake….the pipe etc fit well, but the minute arbor can
      slide back and forth quit a bit..and causing gear engagement, and dis-engagement..etc..the rest of the movement is solid etc….Why does this happen,, as I have done nothing to cause this and am baffled by it…any way to correct this?? Any ideas??


        Hello Slattery51
        I’m not quite able to visualize what you are describing. Is it possible to put a picture up here to take a look at it?
        Thanks , Dan


          Hi Dan,, can not put picture up at this time,, soon to be fixed…..now,, what I am talking about is the motion works, minute
          hand arbor. It moves back a forth as it should (end shake etc) but it moves too much in either direction..when it does,, it will not
          engage with the 1st wheel on the time side….( sorry, I made a mistake explaining it.) …Since it is staked on friction fit,, I re positioned it on the ararbor
          to split the difference and it is fine now….I have run into this problem before with #89 movements, and as the gearing is pushed on tight,, I am
          not sure why this happens on occasion….Thanks for the follow up….I will keep you posted……Best Regards….

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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