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      OK. 16S Waltham 15J watch wants to stop unless I take the cannon pinion off. The watch will wind and set like it should. The motion works seem free on setting. But put the CP on and it stops. Doesn’t matter if the hour wheel is on or not. Soon as you pop the CP off it starts up. Where did I go wrong?



        Hello Tom,
        There are a number of reasons that might happen. Assuming that the watch is clean and the mainspring is correct and in good condition then the following is what I would check. First thing though. Does it run when in the case? There is a lever that moves automatically engages the winding system in many older pocket watches upon removal from the case. This will result in the watch having to turn all of the winding mechanism while running offering a lot of resistance. Usually will stop the watch. If you have not already checked look for a small lever that extends out beyond the perimeter of the movement. If you see it then push it in and see if the watch runs.
        If that is not the problem then try removing the minute wheel to disengage the canon pinion from the setting & winding train. If it runs then your problem is somewhere under the dial side. If not then the canon pinion could be making contact with the plate and might need to be backed away a tiny bit.

        Hope this makes sense and helps Tom, Dean

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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