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      Hi all,, since I am somewhat new to this repairing clocks as a hobby,, I was wanting to know if there is a
      machine, like the “time trax unit, or others that will do the math for me?..I find it extremely time consuming
      to have to count teeth and pinions etc in every kitchen clock and wall clock I come across etc.. I know nothing of these small
      devices etc…expensive, but are the worth it, and can they take some of the long adjusting time out of the repair process?
      It just seems to me I spend an a lot of time adjusting pendulum rating nuts etc.. and never seem to get it right….I am
      getting somewhat frustrated……help!!! and thanks so much….

      michael ciskowski

        I have used Mumford’s Micro Set for a number of years and have been happy with it. I have several friends that use the Time Trax timer and they speak well of it. Attached is a link to the instruction manual on the Micro Set page.
        Basically, there is a sensor in the rate finder mode that is counting beats and another that tell when the minute hand has made one revolution of the dial. It then tells you how many beats per hour. Then you go to the time mode and adjust the pendulum to come close to the beats per hour.


          Michael,, thank you soooooooooooooo much for the information,,, you are a life saver for sure…I will take your
          advice and check out the timer etc …this should certainly help with getting these clocks close to the right time keeping…wow
          Thanks again….and as always Best Regards……..Peace… ps..I will check out purchasing one of these timers..


            I use the timetrax all the time, another thing it can do is aid in accurately setting the beat. I also use it to amplify the beat which sometimes reveals a issue of power. Also, there is a great reference booklet that Jeff Hamilton has compiled called “the clockmakers beat book” it has hundreds of clocks listed with wheel and pinion counts and beats per hour already calculated. Have fun.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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