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    I ‘ve read more a lot of clock books and my biggest question is BUSHINGS. Why should I get the Bergeon or KWM bushings or would it be better to make my own? And if so what kind of brass is the best? Another thing that has been rattling in my head is would a slight bevel from the inside to the outside before setting the bushing? I am green as they come but I would like to not create habits that would hurt me later in the future.
    Thanks for all responses.

    bernie weishapl
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    My bushing machine has both bergeon and KWM cutters. I have used both bushings when I first started. I like the KWM because of the bigger selection. I would make my own if I was just going to do this as a hobby and work on my own clocks but have been doing this as business for over 30 yrs now. Now I do make a few bushings with my lathe when I can’t find one that will work. I use a work hardened brass and can’t remember the number now. I bought a batch of it about 25 yrs ago which would last my lifetime. LOL When bushing I make a slight bevel with the chamfering cutter just enough to let the bushing sit square on the plate then I press it into place. I use a machine to bush because making them takes time and when I am repairing clocks time is money and making money is what it’s about for me.

    This is the machine I bought over 25 yrs ago and last year just rebuilt it. https://www.hswalsh.com/product/kwm-bushing-system-hb70 Put your mouse over the picture to get a enlarged view. I don’t think you can find them anymore on the market new.

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    While doing some searching for a few rare tools, I came across one of those, but I am unable to find it, if I do I will see if I can link it.

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    I use mainly Bergeon bushes but dont buy all the sizes, I buy the smallest internal diameter sizes in the 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm, and all 2mm thick,and then just broach them out to fit the pivot. I did look at a bushing machine but could not justify the price.
    I use a pillar drill and all my bushing only drill bits were checked in some scrap brass to make sure they made the correct size hole. They are backed off slightly so they dont grab in the brass. The only bushes I make tend to be centre arbor bushings as they are quite large, barrel arbor bushings and barrel and cap bushings.
    I can get a whole clock bushed pretty quickly now using what I have.
    When I bush I check the original hole is not oval, if it is I even out the hole with a small rat tail needle file. I then drill out for the bush and clean up the edges of the hole with a larger drill bit by hand. The bush is then hammered in place but I then turn the plate over and hammer on the front of the bush. This does two things, it rivetts it in place and also work hardens the brass hopefully making the bush last longer.
    Oil sinks are cut by hand with old drill bits or ball burrs etc
    I broach the hole to fit the pivot and then smooth broach. With practice the whole process becomes very quick. The only time this system will fall down in if your clock plates are thicker than 2mm.

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