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      Hey guys,
      I was looking to buy a bushing tool and got the sticker shock price. So I made one. It didn’t come out to bad.


        Wow that is easily the most beautiful bushing tool ever!
        Do you have any more pictures and information about how you made it that you can put up here for us?
        Probably a project that many of us would like to tackle.
        Thanks for sharing it with us!


          Hey again Clocks R Me
          I don’t really have anymore pics of the process of making the bushing tool. It took a lot of days coming back into the shop to work on it. I have access to a cnc mill which does most the work.
          It took quite a bit of time to finish. But it was fun. The eagle on it is my signature eagle. I’ve put it on many things in the past. It was created by the dot to dot process. I had about 1350 points on
          one wing then mirrored it for the other wing. Then just the head and body had to be made. We use SmartcamCNC cam software at work which helps.


            That is an impressive looking Bushing tool.
            You are not kidding about the sticker shock price, I’ve been debating pulling the trigger on a New Bergeon Bushing tool but keep hesitating; I am only a beginner :)
            Congratulations on making a beautiful piece of clock machinery!!



              Hello again


              Not sure if it would be possible for you to make another one, if you could I’d be interested in purchasing one :)
              Just throwing it out there in case it’s something you would consider

              Thank you !


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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