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      Hi All
      I have a issue with a early Bulova It has a Hammond Synchronous Motor 60 cycle , Type C lot no B-4
      I have cleaned and serviced the mechanicals and now comes the electrical part. It seems like the coil has the power being
      transferred to the motor because I feel it hum. I would like to know how and where I could get a replacement. Or has any one ever removed the cover and fixed the motors before. Or am I biting off more than I could chew. I would like to keep it in tacked if possible. A little help would be appreciated.


        Kyle, I had looked into this at one time, I had found a web site explaining the process for refurbishing these but I cant remember where it was, try a google search on the subject. there is someone out there that does refurbish these motors and if I remember right it was pretty expensive but maybe worth it, I think the issue is the grease or oil in there gets really gummy (not sure), try ebay as I have seen them on there. I have a few of these type motors and if I ever get some time I want to dig in, have fun and let us know what you come up with, William

        Bob Tascione

          Hi Kyle and William,
          Probably talking about Mike Murray at http://www.telechron.us/
          He has tons of info up on his sites. You’ll see links to other pages he has when you get to the above url.
          Hope this is what you’re looking for.


            Hi Will & BoB
            I Took BoBs Advice and went to the website. Found that the cost of the repaired unit was to costly, with out knowing if it is the issue and seen how the parts is assembled. I took the information gathered and tested the coil and it was good. I then went back to the rotor. It is call a pancake model duaa! I then very carefully took my torch on low heat and removed the solder from the joint. I gently removed the cap. And I found a lot of bad grease (old ugly looking stuff that stunk) I cleaned all the gears and the coil in it. Used some lith assembly lube from work. I still in the back of my mind that if I can’t make it work I could spend the $150.00 on a rebuilt one. Put it back together and tested. I call My wife into my shop to show her and she told me that I must be some kind of clock dude because it works, All the little gizmos are turning. Sometimes I impress myself.posting.php?mode=reply&f=2&t=703# Now she has a nice Bulova mantel clock to go with her watch. SO I want to let you all know that with the help for here it could be done. Spent $5.00 on the clock and 50 cents for grease.
            Again Thanks
            Bob and Will
            And now on to the musical coco clock that needs to be cleaned
            Thanks Again


              Kyle, your the best ;), I suppose now I have to do the same, I have a Kit Cat clock that needs a going thru. Dont you think the best part of repairing clocks is when your wife thinks your a genius and brags to everyone how wonderful you are? :D I think so, I may have to throw in a couple a bucks now and then to sway her to the genius part, but hey, you know what!!!!! I am wonderful 🙄 , oooohhhhh boy I think Im getting all teary eyed. How about you Paul.


                My friends pop over to my workshop on occasion for a cup of tea and a chat and they are amazed at what I do and am capable of. I am always suprised by this but then when you sit and think about how much time, patience, hair loss and teeth gnashing has gone in to learning this trade I suppose it can be seen as amazing by people who just dont stop to think what goes into repairing and restoring clocks and watches.
                Claire does not take a lot of notice anymore :( What she does however notice is when I buy a clock for not very much money, restore it and sell it for very good money :)
                I am being a little unfair as if she does get asked what I do for a living she does a very good job of explaining I am a very skilled horologist. I just wish I was :)

                well done on getting that clock working, I love Bulova clocks but I am frightened to death of electrical stuff, I have tried reading books etc but the info just dont seem to want to stay in my head, I admire anyone who can get these things working. :)

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