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      Hello all, I hope you are all well. We’re doing ok here in Fl.
      This is the first Brocot escapement I’ve done so I have a few questions. I’ve watched William’s demonstration of the repair method. It looks as though I have some badly adjusted pallets. From what I gathered these pallet flats should be in line with the center of the EW pivot. Is that correct and can I turn them in place? I think they are friction fit.
      I could probably get better pics if you want.
      I’m going to watch the repair again and I’ll check back. Thanks for the help. Danny


        Where is everybody? There seems to not be as much action as I used to see. I hoped everybody are fine and you’ll all be posting again soon.
        I’m still looking for help with this escapement. If you’ve got a minute. Thanks, Danny


          Hello Dan
          I agree. It’s been slow here as well as other hobby forums I’m involved with. I think the very important upcoming elections and the out of control pandemic in the U.S. are keeping people minds and focus fairly busy.
          Yes I adjust the pallets with the flats in line with the escape wheel center. I know that the pallets in the French Brocot escapements require me to melt the shellac holding the pallet stones in to make adjustments. I can’t remember how the American clock pallets are held in though? Good question.



            Thanks for the reply, Phil. I think you just use smooth jaw pliers to turn these steel ones. I’ll look at willofiam’s video again when the time comes. These need to be polished too. I’m not sure how to polish these round faces. Since this is the first one I’m being extra cautious. I will most likely need more coaching. Please stay tuned.
            I’ll be so glad when this is all over and we can start trying to make peace, especially amongst ourselves. There’s only one Savior! We all know who it is.
            God bless you my friend and God bless America.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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