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      I’ve been meaning to buy a set of broaches. I wondered how much difference there was in “qaulity” between the Bergeon broaches at £65, ones from Germany at £35 and cheap ones at £10 (presumably from China)?

      I just wondered how much you are paying a premium for the Bergeon brand?



        I think that it’s like buying a file.
        You get what you pay for to a certain extent,..but there is the marketing hype with some brands.
        I try to buy in the middle to upper range on tools.
        That being said,..I have some cheap Chinese or East Indian broaches that I bought when I was starting out,..and some better (old ) quality ones from an unknown source.
        The older ones seem to be of better quality in the finish,..but they both cut about the same.


        chris mabbott

          Hi Angus,

          I agree with Randy, which I seem to be doing a lot, Randolph, I swear I’m not going to try and borrow any of your lovely Bergeon tools ;)

          But I do have one thing to say about the “offshore” models…… SNAP Ah sh……t 😆

          Randy don’t laugh but I did break down and pick up the Bergeon sets of broaches, both smoothing and cutting, and I have to admit that they are a lot nicer, tougher etc even the tiniest one hasn’t broken

          That being said, the larger offshore stuff is ok, but when you use the small ones, the hair sized, use caution 😮

          Angus if you go onto cousins UK, the small set of Bergeon are not that expensive, not sure what the shipping would be to the US.


            Thanks for the insight, I’ll have to check them out..and you can borrow anything I have !!!!



              Thanks chaps. I’ve stopped procrastinating and bought a Bergeon set!

              All the best for the New Year.

              bernie weishapl

                Angus wise choice. I bought cheap to begin with and of course as usual snapped a couple so bought the good Bergeon set and haven’t looked back.


                  Just to add, on a cheap set I started out with (the ones that come in the blue plastic tubes) the faces(?) were not all equal and some of them had a fat tip i.e 1mm at the tip and then just past the tip down to .8mm and then the usual taper. They were ok to start with but the Bergeon broaches cut so much better and stay sharper for longer.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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