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      I just purchased an 8mm Boley Mini Lathe off of Ebay and I’m cleaning and repairing it. I will be working with clocks and this my hobby. I did not come with any collets. Are there any common sizes that I could start out with?


        I’m into watch repair..so I’m thinking that you are going to want to find some of the larger collets to start ( depending on the size of clocks you are planning to repair ).
        Maybe start with .30 and go up in size ?

        I’m thinking that you will eventually also want a larger lathe..a small “commercial” style but others with more clock experience can help you there..

        Best of luck..write back if you think I can help you somehow ??


        P.S. I grew up in Idaho……now I’m just a bit outside of Spokane…


          Thank you Randy.


            I agree with Randy on the sizes for clock repair. I would also suggest keeping your eye out for a 3 jaw chuck and some step collets. Bob shows some useful lathe tools in his lathe videos that are made from hardware store materials. I use them to accurately turn and polish pivots between centers which is most often what I use the lathe for.
            Hope this helps. Best, Phil


              Thank you Phil. Does the 3 jaw chuck fit in the same manner as the collets? I also have a tailstock and have been searching for the different applications it can be used for. Howard


                Hi heart
                I know this may be a bit late but be careful what accessories you get for the Boley lathe because although it may say 8mm a lot of them have metric or imperial threat and other differences see below.



                  Thank you Dell.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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