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    chris mabbott

      Hey all,

      I was about to throw away the blue steel packing strap that secured my mill box, when suddenly that little charge of electricity shot through my lump of jello 💡 Would this material be any good for making a burnisher? I mean it’s hardened/blued steel, nice and smooth, I could just rough it up and make a few nice little burnishers…. Couldn’t I ?

      I’m sure it would be good for other applications, I just can’t think of any right now, except the above..
      I’ll be curiously awaiting your opinions…


        Interesting thought.
        If you were going to use it to burnish parts on say a Jacot Tool,..not sure that it would be stiff enough ???
        You don’t want it to flex in my opinion.


        chris mabbott

          I hear ya Randy, but if we are using it on pivots, we would really only need a short length, 3-4 inches and that short of a piece shouldn’t have any flex unless you use loads of force, which we wouldn’t need.

          I was thinking more as a hand held burnisher, attaching a small piece to a handle and using it for burnishing the inside of pallet forks, or the tiny pallet pivots. Pallets are hard to burnish on the jacot because of the guard pin flying around 😯



            I cut mine into strips for use as shim stock. I suppose you could use it for making springs or burnishers too. I hadn’t thought about that.



              That makes sense Chris,,,using it as a hand held burnisher for smaller areas….I love re-purposing items !

              chris mabbott

                Thanks for your response guys..

                Tom- I hadn’t thought about using it for springs but yeah, great idea, this stuff has lots of boing in it…

                Randy- me too buddy, in fact I’m becoming a regular Sanford & Son all on my own LOL

                I’m still not sure though if this steel would be good for burnishing, I mean it’s hardened, but is that sufficient I wonder??


                  Bob shows in one of his videos how to finish a pivot burnishing with an old piece of mainspring. I would imagine the blue steel tape not to be up to the standard of mainspring steel, surely it wouldn’t be cost effective? I am sure it will come in useful, even if just for shimming.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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