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      Hello all,
      I am a true believer in the black tea remedy for rust. I have once again been bombarded with cuckoo clocks from my customers. Alot of these clocks come to me in fairly decent shape and are easily cleaned in the ultra sonic cleaner. Normally I clean the chains the same way. Some of the chains are so bad I have to scrub them down even after a good washing. This time because of a tip read in the forum about black tea, I decided to try it. The chains were put in a bowl with some ready made black tea. Within an hour or so the liquid became very black. I removed the chains but did not rinse them off but just wiped them off with a rag and the rust was gone. Wow thanks for the tip people. :D


      Bob Tascione

        Got to love it!
        Another great use for tea.
        Thanks Jim!


          I posted that a while back after reading it somewhere, I brewed some up to keep in a jar but it goes moldy after a while so you can only brew it as you need it but it does work better when its hot. Glad it came in useful Jim :)
          I should re post this to the tips and tricks section.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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