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      Happy New Year everyone,
      I am currently in the process of setting up a new work shop in a spare room and the room can be dark. Depending on the time of day I am going to need the help of a good bench or desk lamp. I am using a fiber optic light now, which is great, but, I am in need of general lighting to work by. My questions are:

      Is led or cfl better or standard?
      Is it best to have a extension lamp to put the light over head or near the work?

      Thanks in advance for your imput on this subject.
      Kevin :D

      chris mabbott

        Hi Kevin

        My personal preference is any source that provides soft, bright, white light with no heat.
        Cfl daylight lamps or LED strip lighting are both good choices and are energy efficient..

        bernie weishapl

          I have a 18″ cfl double bulb fixture with daylight bulbs. Works well.


            Hey Kevin, I have overhead shop lights with the daylight bulbs but also use the florescent desk type lamps, for me putting light directly over the work area and being able to adjust the angle of the light is a benefit. William


              Yes, I must agree with William, That’s the same setup I have.
              Day light bulbs hanging off the cieling, and An Ott light floor lamp w/ gooseneck. The Ottlite can be taken off the floor post and set on the base on the workbench. Best Light ever!!


                I have 3 Halogen panels (3 or more bulbs) under cabinet lights 0ver the work area, one about 3 ft. above, and one on each side about 4 ft. away, and a CFL Desk Lamp,

                again, showing my age


                  Thanks everyone I am shopping tomorrow and heading to my local habitat for humanity resale store to look at a desk and benches. I think lighting will come from a local box store. :)

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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