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      Can you please let me know what Beat Amplifier is a good choice for calibrating pendulum clocks and all types of clocks and watches. From what I have discovered, there are 2 manufacturers of Beat Amps and I have attached a few data sheets on the various amps.

      Here is the name of the manufacturers:

      Time Trax

      I am a bit of techie and it makes sense that calibrating a mechanical is important in assuring that it will keep accurate time. The pendulum somehow has to be set that it is moving at the correct rate of speed, as well in synch on either side of the swing. When I service a clock, I want to know that it is in good working condition and in calibration before I return it to my customer.

      Your comments are welcomed,


        Hi and welcome to the forum.
        This is also something I want, most useful if replacing a hairspring or timing a pocket watch. The one thing I would say is I have found a clock does settle down after servicing, you can adjust the pendulum to run perfectly once the clock has been cleaned and lubed but it seems to have a running in period. I have noticed on a few clocks now that I can get the timekeeping almost spot on when it first starts running after a service but after a couple of weeks it might need adjusting again. Just something to bear in mind, this device certainly makes it faster but dont think once you have used it, it will keep good time from then on, it might need adjustment again after a couple of weeks.
        I will be interested also to hear which is the best.
        Paul :)

        Bob Tascione

          Hi Guys and Welcome OaksClocks!
          I thought I would jump in here real quick with my vote before having to race out of here this morning.

          Between the two my choice would be MicroSet any day. Back when I made the clock course in 1997-98 I was using a TimeTrax which works well but once I got my hands on a MicroSet the choice was an easy one. Bryan Mumford offers incredible support and is a brilliant inventor and keeps adding features to the unit. Just my two cents here but hope it’s helpful.

          I’ll be back home in a couple of days and might be able to add some more to this when I finally get some breathing room.

          ’till then adios for now and Happy Holidays!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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