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      I guess this is only useful to those of us living in England.
      If you want some good pegwood for cleaning out pivot holes, try wooden toothpicks.
      Tesco sell 400 wooden toothpicks for £1. They are sharpened at each end and come in 4 containers with 100 in each container.
      Additionally, each container has a small hole at the top. You just turn it upside down and one toothpick drops out. Very handy.
      At that price you don’t need to bother with sharpening, and when they are all gone you have four containers for putting all those little bits and pieces in.
      Look in the £1 section, product code 311086T.


        I will get some and try it out Brian, I know some woods are just not suitable as they seem to repel the dirt and leave it in the pivot hole. Bamboo skewers are useless for this job and also recently I picked up the game of “Pick-up-Sticks” as these looked great but again they just seem to be the wrong type of wood.


          Hi Paul,
          I’ve tried barbeque sticks. The ones that are pointed at each end.
          They are better for bigger pivots and seem OK to me.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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