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      Well I got this watch tore apart all cleaned up and put back together and it worked. WOO HOO!
      Then I noticed it would stop when I flipped it over and seemed loose, but the pivots were fine.
      then I noticed a lot of slop in the bottom hole as it was running,, took a closer look and noticed it was a cracked jewel
      I got it out and all ok but im having a hard time finding a replacement. were do you guys shop for your new jewels.
      this one is about 2.43mm od with about a 2mm dia shoulder. the pivot dia is about .64mm


        I found some on Ebay but its giving me a number pivot hole size.. like 11 or 12, is there a conversion for that

        chris mabbott

          The numbers are the size of your pivot… 0.011mm or 0.012mm

          You have to mic your staff pivot to see what you have there big fella 8-)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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