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      Does anyone have an suggestions for attracting more customers to a home based repair business? I have a website, a facebook account, business cards and a magnetic sign for my car. Thanks everyone

      bernie weishapl

        The one and only time I spent money on advertising was when I first started. I ran a ad in the paper of several surrounding towns and in a periodical that covers about 25 counties. I had a ad in the Yellow pages until last year when I stopped it. Now mind you I live in a very rural area where the six surrounding towns are 3500 or less in population. I am a firm believer that word of mouth is the best advertising you can get and yes it does take a while to build but in the long run will be worth it. If you do excellent work the work will find you. The last 10 or so years I have always been at least 20 or more clocks behind and today I just tell them 3 months or so before their clocks will be done. I don’t have a website and have not spent a dime on ad’s since that first one. I have seen 10 or 11 clock shops pop up but their work was shoddy and they didn’t last long. Most didn’t make it 2 yrs.

        Sorry to ramble but not knowing you situation and area you work it is kinda hard.


          I have been thinking about the same issue. Just talking to people you know is amazing. Last week I went to the dentist and mentioned to the hygienist that I was thinking of retiring and starting a watch repair business. She asked if I could repair a Rolex and I told her that I completely rebuilt the one I was wearing, which was in really bad shape when I got it. Anyway from that one conversation I have repaired one ladies Rolex that had broken mainspring and one Accutron 214 that needed a battery and indexing finger adjusted. Today I have started work on her husbands Rolex which is a caliber 1520 that needs some help. So far today I have cleaned, reassembled and oiled it except for the automatic wind unit. I put it back in the case without the automatic device because my machine says it is almost 2.4ms out of beat and I can’t adjust that with auto device in place. I am keeping it on the end table beside me now as I started checking out the site here to keep check on how it is keeping time. I’m thinking about an ad in local papers as well.


            Hey Chaplin37, great ideas by everyone, another thing that I do is set up a booth at a local business expo. Around here there are several throughout the year, some are very expansive to get into but I have found the small town expos are fairly reasonable in cost and still bring in large crowds. I have been doing the same one every year now for the last 4 years and every year it has paid for the effort, kind of fun coming up with new and exciting displays. I have always had a very positive response. By the way my wife has been into MaryKay for years now and we get booths next to each other. Check out the add we did for the expo this last year..huge response…We just have fun with it all and people really like that. William


              Great information everyone, thanks. That is a really cool advertisement you made.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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