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    chris mabbott

      Oh my brothers in time, at last, the joy of delivery… after sitting in the customs office for one month, then I wasn’t home twice for the delivery 😥 this morning was thee day.. I’ve had a rag stuffed in my mouth to soak up the extra juices that have been accumulating, and I wonder if this is the reason that those boyz did not want to send it to me right away 🙄

      Anyhow, enough meaningless banter, here’s the last Hampden jewel that I was fortunate to get my sweaty little hands on this year..
      A very uncommon, regardless of original numbers produced, 19 jewel railway model. This is only the second one I’ve seen in years. It’s the same design,almost, as its 23j big brother, which I think are more available than the 19j’s.

      I’ll post more blatant photo shots later 😆


        What a beauty Chris…you’re lucky someone didn’t “lose it” in the customs office !!!
        Is it a motor barrel ???
        I’m asking because of the jewel on the mainspring arbor.



          Hey Chris, I see your new gem was made in my neck of the woods! Anxious to see more photos!


            I likey! :D

            chris mabbott

              @Randy wrote:

              Is it a motor barrel ??? I’m asking because of the jewel on the mainspring arbor.

              That’s a good question Randy, and one I don’t know 🙄 I’ll have to check in the book, but something tells me no it isn’t. I’ll get back on it..

              Thanks guys, oh boy, what a dangerous but excellent hobby this is :?

              Oh, if you insist, here are a couple more shots 😆


                Beautiful bro’, absolutely beautifull !!



                  Can you stop showin’ off? I mean really, I’m gonna put a mirror up on the site for you to look at your watches from a reflective point of view :)

                  And what’s this nonsense about giving food to “friends” who “bring you” these ultra-rare watches??? COME ON BROTHER!!! Remember??? We’re a TEAM over here??? :):):) Let’s spill some secrets about where you find all these gems…

                  Oh, by the way, it’s a beauty :)

                  Tim :)

                  bernie weishapl

                    Beautiful watch Chris. Where do you find these gems?

                    chris mabbott

                      @Randy wrote:

                      Chris…Is it a motor barrel ???

                      Randy I’ve just checked in the Hampden book and yes, it has the factory code of JMB. Thank you for obliging me to check that or I would have gone through this week….blissfully ignorant and only taking into account the shiny bits 😆

                      Thank you for sharing your love guys, there’s something to be said for a meeting of like minded beauty seekers…. Or are we called the pack rat club 😈

                      Bernie & Tim….. My grandparents generation had an old adage that stated… A wasted youth was spent in a pool hall, but they forgot that a wasted old age is spent endlessly seeking the things we don’t really need 😆
                      And yes, sir Timothy, after earning 50 years, food is THEE all important luxury that we seek on a regular basis, it’s the reason we get up in the morning, that and coffee/cigarettes :D


                        :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


                          Hmmmmmm…Let’s see…

                          Chris has the best watches on the board…he posts them on a regular basis…Some are desirous of obtaining these kinds of beautiful watches…And something about food…WHOA!!!

                          An OPPORTUNITY!!!

                          Hey Chris, ever think of becoming a mentor? I mean, think of the possibilities. You could create your own little brood of “best pocket watches EVER” right here on this board. You might even get ACCESS to MORE beauties!!!

                          So, since I can’t cajole you into spilling your methods, let me ask you straight up: Christopher, my brother! There are at least two or three of us who really, really want to know this stuff. I promise! There will be enough to go around! Haha.

                          You could be a mini-Bob Tascione, and teach us all how to “fish” for these great watches. Or maybe you could start your own website, “Spanish-Located Chris’ Wonderful World of Watches!!!”

                          So I’m asking, pretty please? As Don Barzini once said at a meeting of the heads of the five families,”He must let us draw the water from the well.” CHRIS!!! You could be the next Don Corleone of nice pocket watches!!!

                          So, what do you say, buddy? :):):)

                          chris mabbott

                            Ah, Tim my friend, my humble, feeble collection pales in size and quality compared to many, many collectors out there who have the whole set, three times over, compared to them, I am just a fledgling molecule 😆

                            It’s quite simple, the requirements…..

                            1. An internet connection
                            2. Time
                            3. Patience
                            4. Know what you’re looking for
                            5. Have buddies who are collectors & like to trade
                            6. Network..
                            7. Be born a collector or catch it from a carrier 😆

                            A collector is born, not made…who said that 🙄


                              Hey Chris, this sounds just like my addiction to drugs and/or Alcohol before I got better and got the cats. I have just replaced waking up wondering “Where am I and How did I get here?” with my new and Improved addiction- wait for it…………… Chronometers!!! ( Chronographs, tachymeters- they seem to go by a lot of different names), I for one, completely get what and why you are putting together the collection that you are- Please do not stop sharing pictures- and your tutorial is a must read and study for anyone who wants to post pictures to this forum, just to keep them manageable- as always, thanks for sharing

                              chris mabbott

                                Could be that watches are an equally expensive addiction, except you wake up the next day feeling clear in da heed, but feeling kinda bad because you spent too much pasta, and like all addictions, we promise to stop but damn it… I don’t want too 😆
                                I wonder if I ground one into dust, cooked it, then hard booted it straight into the old information dna highway Hmm 🙄


                                  I’ll take this over that- the feelings are the same but the end results are much shinier 😯

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