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      Hi Bob, newcomers, and oldtimers!

      Bought Bob’s video tapes many years ago. They really started me in the right direction. Took a clock repair course from two guys that keep all the clocks running at the Henry Ford Museum. What an experience! Recently purchased the online course. Fantastic!! Best money I’ve spent in a long long time.
      I have a Seth Thomas Rival that I bought thinking I could give it as a present. In the antique shop I could see that the clock was rebushed. All looked relatively tight. Very clean! I started the pendulum and this clock appeared to be a good find….until I got it home. After the clock struck 33 o’clock, I decided to remove the movement from the case. That’s when I noticed the upper and lower levers had marks all over them as if they were readjusted with pliers. (See video “Striking Mechanism, Count Wheel 2”). I’ve disassembled the clock and believe I should replace the upper and lower levers. From my very amature eye, all else looks good. I’ve searched the net for parts and don’t really see where I could possibly find these parts. My next step was to search the online auction houses and look for a similar basket case. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find parts, or, have a favorite place you look for parts type clocks?

      Ron from Michigan

      Bob Tascione

        Hey Ron,
        Really good to see you up here and happy to hear you’re still so active with clocks!

        If the guys giving that course are still doing it could you possibly post a little info about it up here and some contact info for members that may be interested?

        I wish I knew of someone dealing in old clock movements and parts. They seem to come and go quickly. Other than Ebay I don’t know. Maybe someone up here knows of someone.

        Does the Rival have a #89 movement in it? If so you can pick up a beat up one on ebay just about anytime. If you have a chance put “Seth Thomas #89” in the search field up at ebay to see if there’s one up there that matches your movement. Worth a try.

        If you haven’t already gone to the following URL you may find it helpful and definitely worth bookmarking. It’s:
        Lot’s of great links there.

        Well again Ron it’s good to see you up here.

        Happy New Year!



          Thanks for the suggestion using 89. A few came up. Also, thanks for the link. If there are any classes in the Detroit area, I will post here.
          Thanks Again,
          Ron Hill

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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