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      Hi Guys,
      I need some guidance on a open spring ansonia movement: I have cleaned the pivots, put some new bushing in the timing gear, straighten a tooth out and it will run for 30 seconds and then stop.This is what it did before. Any thoughts what I should check and do next. I am at lost
      Mark R:(


        Hey Mark, it is really difficult to give that advice without a bit more info or possibly some photos, I would watch it while it ran and see if I could see 😯 anything binding. When servicing a movement I would have checked the wheel and pinon depthing, freedom of each train, and endshake after pivot and bushing work has been done and before final assembly, after all is well in those areas and having the movement assembled, oiled and under a bit of power make any adjustments to the escapement that would be necessary. I too am currently working on an ansonia movement. William


          Thanks for the advise that will get in started in the right directions, The one i am working on look just like that one!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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