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      HI, just a quick question about the strike wire on a couple of my Ansonia long drop Reg clocks. Here is the problem..
      I have two clocks, and I adjust the strike wire to hit the gong perfectly….Both work for a day or two, and then the strike get’s weaker and weaker.. I think the wire for the strike mech, is bending on both, as the gongs are tight, and do not move… Both do the same thing?/ Can I harden the wire by heating etc and quenching, not sure what to do, as all my efforts to correct this have failed…very strange happenings,,,if anyone has an idea about this please let me know. The strike wire seems solid and is not pivoting any, that I can tell…..It seems to me that the strike wire is soft and to pliable. Thanks……


        Difficult to say for sure, odd that they are both doing the same thing, could be a week spot on the wires from being bent to many times, is it possible someone had repaired these in the past? You may have to replace them with a stronger wire. How many times does it strike before you can notice the difference? My question is because I am thinking that when you bend it into place you may be putting pressure on the…hammer tail? the little extra piece that hits the plates to stop the hammer from going too far. If you put pressure on this while adjusting you can get a false reading and it will work its way out making the strike weaker, hope that makes sense if yours is set up like that.


          Hi William, thanks for the reply, and yes I will check into that, and see if I am putting too much pressure on the hammer tail,, that could be it,,, the wire that forms the strike hammer is very pliable, and does seem weak to me….Both clocks came out of old Bank, and did not look like they had been repaired to me, no new bushings ect. but the hammer wire was bent at an odd angle….in order for the hammer to strike the gong, it is a very long wire as the gong is located some distance from the works itself…I will re-visit it some time this week and get back on the forum….thanks again ..best regards….Dave.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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