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      :D :D :D

      Well, Fellas,

      Happy Holidays, everyone! I’ve been offline for a few days, using a backup laptop (help is on the way, in the form of boot disks!)

      However, I’ve not been idle, totally. :)

      Recently, I completed the first servicing of my Illinois 11 jewel sidewinder, in the hunter’s case. I was having some casing problems, which have been, thankfully, resolved!

      Have a look: :)

      So, the challenges to completion were: First, I was putting the dial springs UNDER the hour wheel…it’s like, “Ummmm…TIM??? It’s NOT called AN HOUR WHEEL SPRING!!!” Haha…

      Also, I found, and modified (somewhat) a screw that fit into the dial screw hole, and it is reasonably secure. Beyond that, I believe I had a little trouble installing the crystal (Ummmm…it goes ON TOP, Tim???) and really that was about it.

      Beyond all of this comes my utter astonishment that this watch works, despite getting my grubby, inexperienced hands on it. I really feel there was a huge swipe of grace involved, in order to get this little gem going. :)

      Despite all the challenges…by the way…which translates to a HUGE amount of experience….this watch shines in a beautiful polished hue, a shell of its former oxidized self. It really is a beautiful 110 year old piece of perfection.

      And, I am not only proud of what I’ve done, but EXTREMELY HUMBLED by this whole experience. What I’m left with is an amazing feeling of thankfulness, not only for these beautiful pieces being in existence, but also for the help you’ve all given me – including the endless texts, Skype calls, and phone calls with my good brother, Joe.

      Thank you all for the help, and also for the encouragement to see this thing through. I’m off to take a look at the other seven watches I have ready for servicing, to see which one I’ll be working on next…What a ride!


      Tim :)

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