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      Hi all,
      Lately my accutron guys have been bringing in clocks to work on. Today however one had a 218 that had acted up. He said the second hand moves but hour and minute hand wouldn’t. Usually that means a worn minute wheel assembly but in this case that part was seized onto the center post. I decided to take a picture and share with you all in case there was any interest in what is under the dial of a 218. Notice the 3 springs that are laying around. The first time I tried to work on one of these I lost every one. I told my wife they were like cocking a mouse trap and then deciding to put on the cheese. Anyway I hope someone enjoys the picture.
      Charles K

      Bob Tascione

        Thanks for posting this Charles,
        Just went through some of the older posts for this month and found this one hidden down the page a bit.
        I love Accutrons. Hamilton Electrics and Accutrons are very important transition watches and I believe will become some of the most collectible watches for future watch collectors.
        Also…your mouse trap analogy is perfect and oh so true!

        Take care and adios for now,


          I just saw your reply to this post. I actually started out working on accutrons and took this course years ago to move to the older mechanical movements. Anyway I just wanted tp pass along the comment the customer made about his watch. A couple of days after he picked it up I got a call from him. After we talked a bit he said he had been called from London. I asked him why and he said they called to see what time it was so they could set Big Ben. Then he laughed and said he just wanted to let me know how well his watch was doing.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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