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    I received a visit from David Pierce yesterday. Wow – how can I start…

    1) He brought me two goodies; a cast iron horizontal mill and a nice industrial belt sander – with new bearings nonetheless!
    2) We spent several hours properly setting up my lath cross slide and building a replacement cam pin for my Levin tailstock.
    3) He found a problem with my mill’s “Y” axis lead screw and told me how to fix it. (He offered to do it, but I had to have time to pick his brain)
    4) He brought some machine parts that he made (in his past life as a machine designer) and brought some of the supporting design calculations.
    5) He brought about 100 digital photos of his shop. I am unable to describe what I saw, but should he ever have the inclination to take a few days to give some description and post them then you could appreciate the enormity of his inventory. He has anywhere from three to twelve of everything. The only item of which he has only one is a Bergeon Lathe. (My shop is puny be comparison) 😥

    We chatted until midnight and I learned a whole lot from the man.

    Thanks David for driving four hours each way through dangerous red-neck territory just to visit!

    Bob Tascione
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    Hey Tom that’s cool!
    I wish Santa lived close to me. He’s a good guy!
    Also, I’m gonna be able to download those pics you sent the links for. Someone here at the ranch is bringing me a laptop in the morning to use. My iPad mini just stops the downloads with the alert that I mentioned in yesterdays email to you. Looking forward to seeing those pics.

    Thanks again for sending them Tom and if you talk with Santa before I do please say hi for me and also please tell him I want a Puppy, a Daisy BB Gun, and a BERGEON LATHE with a full set of collets, cross slide and some cool attachments! :D


    bernie weishapl
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    Wow if old santa makes it to Kansas a mill would be nice. Tom it is great to visit and put a face with the name. David is one of the good guys for sure.

    chris mabbott
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    That was very nice of David, but he needs to do two things…

    1. drive here to see me
    2. get his butt back to the forum 😆

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    Driving over here would be hard to do, but I would appreciate having him back on the forum.


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    Hey, Dave,

    If you’re reading this, I’m sure you know you can’t actually drive to Hawaii, but it IS a great place to visit, and if you bring ANY goodies this way, I’ll be your personal tour guide, chef, chauffer, and Polynesian dancer – look out for that last one – I’m pretty sure that if I went bare-assed with the exception of something covering MY two jewel movement, that would be the end of your visit, due to pale-skinned blindness…come at your own risk!!!

    Tom? I’m jelly. Period.



    chris mabbott
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    Actually a drive to a foreign land can be accomplished with little effort. Simply drive your vehicle onto boat/ferry. You sit inside your vehicle for the duration of the cruise, you grasp the wheel and make car engine noises until you reach the destination, viola 😆

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    Well, Chris, you know what to do then…jump on that barge, stuff your car full of food and beer, recline that seat and block out that windshield for the trip – and I’ll see you when you get here.

    I’ll be waiting, Mr. Barge hahaha :):):)

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