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      May I share a business plan that has bee helpful to me?

      When I first started out I could not afford a brick and mortar shop. Rent, insurance, utilities, etc. were unreachable. So I went to an antique mall and reached an agreement with the owner. If he would give me a booth to use I would fix any of his clocks for free. He also agreed take in and check out clocks for me. This plan afforded me the freedom to keep my job and expand the clock repair business. It worked! The mall took in my clocks. I regularly picked them up, took the home, repaired them, and took them back to the mall where they checked them
      out collecting the appropriate fees and sales tax. Each month the mall gave me a check for what I sold minus their 10% fee.

      More to follow



        The mall owner was happy because my business brought people into his business where many also bought other items. I was happy because I didn’t have to pay much. I also sold my own clocks there plus I got a new place to store my clocks!

        This plan worked so well that I added several more malls. I looked for malls that were open seven days a week and either charged me a small or no booth fee. They had to be able to check clocks in and out plus have a safe place to store customer clocks.

        If anyone is interested to know what my problems were and how I overcame them let me know here and I’ll post more.

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          Yes indeed Johnathan. I would be very interested in any information on this topic that you can write about!
          Thank you so much!

          George ‘Howard’

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