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Nothing to worry about there Chris, just put the bits back together to check when it is glued you won’t have any unsightly gaps. I am not so good on American clocks but I know a lot of the old English clocks were held together with animal glue, bit smelly but a great glue. If you are not that fussy and just want it back together then PVA glue is fine. Sash clamps will come in quite handy. Dont touch the original finish of the wood, there are plenty of finish restorers out there that do a great job. I have a great recipe for one, I will dig it out.
The minute hand looks like it was much too long and has been bent to fit the dial. Do a bit of research on google images and see what the original hands should have looked like. If you can’t find a pair in the supply houses then someone here might have a spair pair.
You can buy paper dials to go over the original if you want to go that way but I would leave it original. There is nothing worse I feel than a brand new looking antique.
Once you get to the movement start taking pics and don’t forget you must let down any power from the mainspring(just like in a watch) before you start taking it apart.
Hope that helps,