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bernie weishapl
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Thanks Bob and Paul. It is still running strong this morning. So I am hopeful that all is well.

Paul it is one of those things you just think there can’t be any wear there but I learned a hard lesson. I just have a cheap microscope but you can bet the pins on the pallet fork will be checked from this day forward. They had a grove worn in them that I couldn’t see by eye. After I found them I could feel them when running my fingernail over them lightly. I think the clock may have run without bothering those because I think after bushing the pallet fork pivots that was the main culprit.

Anyway thanks for the support. One of the main things with these posts was to get across to all the new clock and watch repairman that make sure you check every thing. Watch it run and note any problems you may see. Even what may be considered the tiniest/insignificant thing can cause major problems especially in the upper train because there is not much power there. I told and showed a new clock maker that I could stop a clocks escapement with just the tip of a feather. Anyway enough babble.

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