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chris mabbott
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Greetings mi brethren :)

Thank you for the thread, I’m back from a work trip that I thought would be a few days but turned into two weeks!!
So it sometimes goes lol. Then during Easter I went to Germany for 4 days and enjoyed looking around the great antique shops in Leipzig, most of them contained all the temptations that could have easily emptied my wallet or seriously chewed up my card… i.e. watches, clocks and iron crosses 😆 fortunately I have most of the makers of the latter and the super rare ones I would like to have are probably tucked away in someone’s vault. The other thing that saved me was…. I don’t collect Swiss watches, only American, WooHoo and I haven’t taken the plunge into clocks yet, although I have climbed the ladder and I’m standing on the diving board platform, considering ;)
So fortunately it was food and weiss beer lol

I did pick up one watch that caught my attention, not sure yet if it’s Swiss or German, I haven’t had time to play, I was on a project in BF Portugal, the mobile service was sketchy at best and the data rate was zero, which caused my online pursuits to be halted, like hitting an oak tree with your car LOL
I’m not a mobile junkie, or at least I thought I wasn’t until it was taken away, I found myself constantly checking for service, missed calls, emails etc, I didn’t even bother leaving it in my trailer, just in case 😯 sad but true.

The good news is that a few items arrived while I was away, which ill unbox today, one of which is a long sought after # 128 K&D mainspring winder that is complete and looked unused :-) I’ve been searching a long time for the right one, at least I hope it’s in one of the boxes.

It’s now time to read the posts that I’ve missed and catch up with what you guys have been working on. Once again, thank you for your concern, it’s nice to be thought of , hey, great epitaph ;)

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