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@Chicko wrote:

The suspension spring should always be “flat” all the way down

yes, no kinks and square, or perpendicular thru the blocks. A real good book on 400 day clocks is the “400 day clock repair guide” by Terwilliger, the main reason I mention this book here is that it has full scale suspension setup details, so if you get a new spring you can just lay the blocks and spring on-top of the drawings and match it all up, very handy. you can get by with making a scale drawing and some measurements before taking it apart. @Chicko wrote:

Mine is like a spiral

I should also ask, is the spring in a spiral form when the pendulum is hanging from it? possible someone spun it around a few times, dont want to turn them more than once around. My very first clock I worked on was a 400 day clock ;) . Have fun, William

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