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I agree with you Bernie. Most of the clocks that I have come in for servicing are clocks that have been purchased at auction or estate sales. I always give the customer the option of complete restoration, or repair. As for my personal clocks I refinish and restore them. I have a Gilbert kitchen clock that I purchased. In side the case I found a hand written letter telling the complete history of the clock. Those things I replace in the clock after they have been restored, as well as a note showing when and where it was restored. I personally restore all my antiques unless they have been very well cared for by the previous owner. The problem with old finishes is that they are the color they are because of that finish. What people call patina is dirt and oil collected in the finish. Shellac being the worst. When it gets hot( no air conditioning) it softens and dust as well as the oils from peoples skin touching it collects in the finish. We all know people who have to rub a neat old clock or piece of furniture. But as a restorer I am pretty good at replacing the finish and giving it the color tone. What I have found is that when people talk about patina they are actually talking about the color. These are just my personal views and are not intended to sway any one either way ;) Mahlon

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