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Really solid thoughts from both of you. I have a single large workbench for everything, my garage is even packed. I also prefer steel tools and over my lifetime find cheap tools are not worth the time. I was thinking for now of something to allow me to polish pivots. I am guessing repivoting would also be in my short list, Bernie reminded me of that thought. I am thinking if I can get a boley for now it can be a one shot bench tool to get me by. I have a big old Republic in my factory but I really don’t like using the production tools for my hobby. If need be I will double up on it while we look for a larger house with space for something bigger. I am very luck my wife shares my interest.

Bob recommended I delve into the forum for new gears, I know that is what I will do for now but this is a very addictive hobby, we’ll see over time.

Thanks guys.